Why Do Romantic Novels Have Such a Strong Fan Base?

Romance books basically deal with plots that are centered on love relationships. Romance books should be as compelling as possible to keep the reader hooked until the last chapter. Although many find it unsuitable to be considered a literary form, the truth is that romantic books are some of the most read books in the world.

A recent study on this subject has shown that more than half of books sold within a decade are categorized as romantic books. This could mean that romance books belong to the biggest niche of best sellers and may even be a profitable venture for any budding novelist. The data from this study have dispelled several myths about Roman novels.

One of them is that this type of book is read by single and desperate women.

Now with numbers like these from those who have bought romance books over the last decade, then the conclusion is yours to make. But generally this may mean that romance books are read by people from all walks of life, from lawyers, doctors, to the employed, and the unemployed. Another school of thought holds that romance books are more or less the same. Reading one romantic book to the end is like reading all romantic books. They claim that there is a certain formula which the authors of these books adhere to. While this may be their own opinion, the fact remains that there are many different types of romance books on offer. And everything is geared towards meeting all tastes.

Still another school of thought from church-based claims that women who frequently read romance books have a problem fitting into real relationships. They say that these women will always want their partners to have behaviors similar to characters in romance books, failures where separation is possible. This is according to a recent post on the church website.

Why Do People Read Romance Novels?

They advise women who are addicted to reading romantic books to go out and meet new friends or start a new hobby together free of evoking the scene. These claims about romance books have brought a tremendous reaction on online forums, from romantic book authors to readers. But for those who may be interested in reading these books, the choice remains their book. The founder of the romance book website, advises readers of books in this niche that there is nothing wrong with exploring a different world of relationships, emotional or personal relationships through works of romantic fiction.

A well-known reader of romance books who claims he reads one book each week said that he never foams at the mouth from reading the so-called evocative scenes. He also adds that reading to him is an escape brought to life in the fantasy of the brain. Books may be your best friend. People read books for different reasons, perhaps to kill time, gain a deeper understanding of language or perhaps improve their reading skills. This may also apply to readers of romantic books.